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If you are attention the raw materials market,you know,the LED Panel light Raw materials price still going up,some parts of raw materials are going up about very heavily,about 15%.

And good news is: last a few week we were store about 40000pcs stander size panels materials ,and if you could confirm the order this week,we can keep the promotion price for you!

But we are so sorry,the time is very urgently,because everyday have new clients order,so the materials in store are less and less.  

We hope you could get good price and sell more fast or better profit.

As estimate,the price next week will updated and grows.because the store materials all selling out.

Please check bellow market conditions from our marketing department:

1. Aluminum Alloy materials of LED Panel Light have increased 16% from Nov.

2. LGP and diffuser plate of LED Panel Light have increased 17% from Nov.

3. Package of LED Panel Light have increased 43.3% from Nov.